Uplifting the Industry – CLICK HERE

Uplifting the Industry - CLICK HERE
Uplifting the Industry - CLICK HERE

Results from the previous Blog Topic “Should Trade Only Supply Schools” there has been an emphatic 100% agreement “That trade only suppliers should not be able to supply schools” (to view the discussion please click here).


We would like to know from you as a Reseller or Brander, How do you think the PPPSA could ADD Value to your business? There has been some interesting ideas put forward and believe this is the True value of the PPPSA.

Please post your valued suggestion below.

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8 Responses

  1. Delene says:

    Whilst reading some of the uneducated requests, Namely ‘Stop supplying non vat registered companies’. It is a selfish and fear generated remark. Many people may need to start a business in order to keep food on the table, thereby they would need to build up their business in order to apply for vat registration in the future, should they be successful.

    My feel on should the Trade only supply the schools / sports and other recreation is clearly NO. The Supplier must take into consideration that these are clients of many promotional houses BEFORE some of the suppliers were even around. We have been in the industry since 1982, and seen many shuflles and changes with some elbow twisting and manipulation not always in favour of their customers,yet customers have stayed loyal. Has has created a ripple effect from bad service received by suppliers by opening up sourcing avenues for the promo houses.
    at the end of the day it is Service and ethics that put money into the bank.

  2. Ensuring that Trade Only Suppliers supply to Resellers and not to end-users.

  3. Ceds says:

    Help our Suppliers improve on Stock and Service levels, we are the reason that they are in business.

  4. Carol says:

    PPPSA could add value to my business by negotiating better rates with some major courier companies. As we not live in a city, courier costs make a huge impact on our bottom line as everything has to be couriered from suppliers to us.

  5. Nico says:

    Check that trade only suppliers are not supplying people end users, ive had cases where I go to a customer who engineers mechanical parts but he is buying from trade only suppliers, it would be great if you could get a list of all the trade only suppliers registered with you to give you there list of clients and you guys double check that these companies are in fact resellers or branders. I know it could take time but it would really give us peace of mind knowing 100% that we are not getting cut out of the cycle.

  6. Gregory Michaels says:

    We believe one of the associations values is the protection from of illegal imports and non tax registered importers spoiling pricing within our industry.

  7. Mike Hunt says:

    Trade only wholesalers not selling to end users

  8. Martin Oosthuizen says:

    Stop supplying non vat registered companies.

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