Should schools be supplied by “Trade Only” suppliers? – CLICK HERE

Schools – should they be supplied by "Trade Only" suppliers?
Schools – should they be supplied by "Trade Only" suppliers?

Some of the discussions from Markex were from resellers discussing the fact that Trade Only suppliers are supplying schools directly.

Do you think this is taking business away from Resellers in the market place? Please leave your thoughts in the comments box below.

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25 Responses

  1. Fred Slotow says:

    No reason why schools or any other such organisation should benefit from buying direct- they are clearly end-users. Most schools buying this type of item are not poor schools

  2. Guy says:

    trying to make money as a reseller is hopeless when you compete on a price level. one needs to compete on a niche level. trade only dont give a dam as long as they making more money, who cares about their resellers, they make millions each month and still keep pushing prices.. I also highly doubt trade only will hand over work.. its a cut throut industry and tired of people comparing prices. so now I am focused only on providing niche services!

  3. Hester says:

    a NO NO, they will then target all training centres. Do not start a president.

  4. Arie says:

    trade only suppliers like Handy Garments should not be allowed to sell to schools as they do in Pretoria and if confronted they usually reply that they did not know it was not a trade person. ( please, don’t they have a database of trade clients?)

  5. Schools are the end-users and should not be supplied by “Trade Only” suppliers. It becomes a grey area. What happens with corporates who purchase uniforms for their staff but the staff have to pay for it, are these corporates then “re-sellers”? The line becomes very blurred. Trade Only Suppliers should be just that and supply re-sellers who are in the business of re-selling to the end-user.

  6. Ceds says:

    Schools are buying directly from well known Trade Only Supplier’s, as their are incentivised to buy directly from them, by been given better pricing than Resellers and then marking up exorbitant pricing to contribute to school funding and Parents become angry, because they are the ones who end up paying. This is a time and costly exercise as only after the quote is submitted, we informed that it was to expensive (only because they were going to a Trade Only Supplier and not a Reseller pricing and thirdly for comparison purposes (need a 2nd/3rd Quote). This is definitely taking business away from us as Resellers in the market place -Trade Only Suppliers should be passing these leads on to us as Resellers that specialise in this area, they will get the business either way if their play fair and are committed to supporting our Resellers Business. This applies to Corporates as well.

  7. Nerisha says:

    Schools are end-user. Not re-sellers. Stick to the simple rules and we will all work together peacefully and professionally.

  8. Nico says:

    NO they should not, I have had experiences where I have gone to schools and they tell me they get directly from well known trade only suppliers… this was very embarrassing as I had already sent the quote and was told I was to expensive (only because they were going to a trade only supplier). This is definitely taking business away from resellers in the market place and I find it very unfair and have always disliked the fact that this was happening as it hurts our industry.

  9. Trish Taylor says:

    If trade only supplied schools, then where would the line be drawn – may as well supply clubs, hotels etc, which would make it pointless to have Trade only, surely

  10. Bryan Peach says:

    It is fantastic to see this platform being used so positively and.we at the PPPSA will give all your comments, concerns and suggestions due consideration. We are here for the Industry and you as critical players within will ensure our objectivity going forward.

  11. Alet v Rooyen says:

    schools should definitely NOT be supplied direct !
    The schools use our premises to view samples, get fitting ranges, and advice for free. The running of our companies are very costly . How will we exist if this keeps on happening !

  12. Sharin says:

    Schools are definitely not resellers. On proof of this practice should PPPS not approach Trade Only Suppliers dealing directly with schools and resolve the situation that has developed?

  13. Susan says:

    If you make an exception for schools, you will be setting a precedent that will become a ‘grey’ area as then what about charities, and suddenly government, and after that what else! The list will go on and each will have a plausible reason as to why they should be included.

  14. Tyra Goosen says:

    No, they should not be supplied.

  15. Lezane says:

    No, they should not supply schools. IF they do they are not trade only suppliers.

  16. Sue says:

    No grey area here at all, Schools are an end user and should be serviced by Resellers. Trade only suppliers should be passing these leads on to resellers that may specialise in this area, they will get the business either way if they are in control of the lead.

  17. Cheryl says:

    Schools should not be able to purchase from trade-only suppliers. Although they are in fact resellers – selling to the parent – their business is education and not wholesalers of clothing and other items.

  18. Lwandiso says:

    Schools should help grow the sales of resellers. They should not be allowed to buy directly from Trade-Only-Supplier. If it happened they get accounts, the value of the resellers will be useless in the eyes of our customers/ Clients as well as our future clients.

  19. Siya says:

    If other state departments get supplied by Resellers then I don’t see why government schools should be an exception.

  20. Carol says:

    If a trade only supplier supplies schools, what is to stop him then supplying corporates, and so on? By doing this he is no longer a trade only supplier. I would certainly lose trust in any trade only supplier who starts to supply schools, etc.

  21. Trade only is trade only.
    There are no ALMOST trade companies and schools are not even ALMOST!

  22. Marlien says:

    I agree that schools should not be supplied directly. I have noticed some of my customers bakkies outside a trade only supplier collecting stock. If you supply schools, you will probably supply any end user.

  23. Schools are not resellers and they should not be supplied directly by the suppliers.
    It is definatly taking business away from us resellers.

  24. Danielle says:

    Schools are not resellers they are end users. They buy a product for their own use. Once you categorize schools correctly it is simple from there. If you are trade only supplier you should not be supplying directly to schools.

  1. June 25, 2014

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