Packages for Resellers & Premium Resellers!

Choose the correct package to fit your bussiness needs!

Authorised Reseller
R100per month
R900per year
  • 30% discount for previous PPPSA members at R70 per month for the first year!

  • Benefits:
  • ✔ The use of the Reseller Logo for email and website to display to your customers that you are a legitimate company operating in the industry.
  • ✔ Access to all suppliers Trade definitions, sign-up criteria, dispute channel.
  • ✔ Supplier discounts and specials.
  • ✔ Authorised Reseller certification.
  • ✔ Invites to ROSA arranged functions.
  • ✔ Access to sourcing only closed facebook group.
  • ✔ Membership Card.
  • Criteria to apply:
  • - Owns a Land line number and physical address of business.
    - Has been operating in the industry for one calendar year or more.
    - Has a valid Vat number.
    - Has an account with one of the major suppliers.
    - Had no previous criminal record.
    - Derives main source of revenue from the promotional gifts and clothing industry.
    - Owns a website that predominantly resells promotional gifts and clothing.


R1 million sponsored Business Growth Programme

Entrepreneurs selected for this world-class busines growth programme will have access to internationally accredited entrepreneurial learning and a team of expert entreperneurial coaches, who will guide them in the fields of strategy, finance, and personal development.


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There are over 5000 resellers and suppliers in the Promotional Products and Corporate Clothing Industry. Previously they have never been able to unite to make a substantial improvement to the industry. Suppliers will now be aware of problems experienced by Resellers and suggested solutions for growth & success in the Industry can be shared.

We have countless features which will help the suppliers and resellers to uplift and improve the industry. will be the tool which will assist Resellers & Suppliers to identify problems within the Industry as well as improving their general understanding of it. This Website aims to be a platform for constructive communication & discussion.

Also, please note that is a brand new website and improvements will be made!

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